Property Management Owner Consultation

Homebuyer Property Managment Owner Consultation 

If you are thinking of buying as an investment - ask us to invite Michelle Hardesty, of Lifestyles Realty Group Property Management,  to meet us onsite to answer all of your questions.

             Property Management Owner Consultation

Commonly Asked Questions might include:

1) What does a Property Manager do? I may or may not live in the area but certainly don't want to collect rents from my tenant. How will that be handled? And what does that cost me as the homeowner?

2) As a homeowner what do you expect from me? Can you tell me what communication typically looks like? 

3) I am trying to decide if this is a good investment. What is a fair rental rate for this unit? Can you make any suggestions that might help it be more productive?

4) Can you explain vacancy to me? What is typical in this market currently? I don't want to carry two mortgages.